I'm committed to:
Healthy Air and Climate

Lisa Kivirist & John Ivanko used to confuse purpose with profits. Realizing that the office cubicle was sucking their souls dry, they knew it was time to change their lifestyle, their livelihood, and their lunch options. They left their mainstream corporate jobs, moved to rural Wisconsin, and created Inn Serendipity Bed and Breakfast and Inn Serendipity Woods, a wildlife sanctuary, and cabin retreat. Both places emphasize land conservation and energy efficiency.

Please describe your work in energy conservation and responsible living.

We are very concerned with sustainability - living well today without diminishing life-supporting systems for tomorrow. Currently, we are using a solar hot water heating system and efficient appliances. In the works is a plan to renew an old barn by making it into a passive and active solar strawbale greenhouse and to add solar panels to generate our own electricity. We are actively involved with the Institute for Solar Living as a Real Goods demo home and are recognized as an Energy Star Small Business.

Who or what inspired you to take on this work?
Seeds of inspiration find their way into our garden of life through a variety of sources.
Nature: The first spring green chives peeking through the winter snow, baby kittens chasing grasshoppers.
People: Late night conversations with B&B guests, our neighbors and surrounding community.
Senses: Stonyfield Farm French Vanilla Nonfat Yogurt, holding a warm, freshly laid chicken egg, rBGH-free dairy products.

What keeps you awake at night?
The desire to create, to do, to write, to teach, to listen, to be. We have a passion and an unremitting commitment to leave this world a better place. That is what kicks you out of bed in the morning, challenges your community and espressos the soul.

What do you know now that you didn't know when you started?
Chickens really don't cross the road. Stock up on Thai noodles when you're in the city. Positive energy attracts positive energy. The more we grow our community, the more bountiful our harvest.

What gives you hope?
Kids chasing chickens around the farm. That moment right before sunset, when light dances in between the old beams of the barn and creates a cathedral of inspiration. The first asparagus of the spring, picked and eaten right in the middle of the asparagus patch. The burning woodstove as snow blankets the world outside.

Your one suggestion to Gary Hirshberg, President/CEO of Stonyfield Farm is…
Double dark chocolate espresso flavored yogurt, with a couple of chunks of cookie dough thrown in for fun.

For more information on other "real life doers", see Stonyfield Farm's website at www.stonyfield.com