"We are not alone in our struggle to reconnect with each other, ourselves, and nature."
-- John D. Ivanko, photographer, author, globetrotter

Spanning over thirty countries, Ivanko's adventures and experiences are captured in his travelogue--The Least Imperfect Path: A Global Journal for the Future. More than just a recounting of a journey, the travelogue offers insightful perspectives of a world undergoing change--at times suffering both ecological and social degradation--and insights for what might lead to a more regenerative, sustainable, and peaceful future.

Others echo the concerns raised in The Least Imperfect Path (ISBN: 0-9654449-1-0). Many of us are recognizing a greater need for regenerative change, responsible environmental stewardship and peace.

Exploring distant lands or one's backyard, Ivanko's publishing credits and clients include subjects or material from 35 countries across six continents.

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