I have always held the belief that what gives me and my company an edge is that I get out of the chair and I travel. Journeying provides insights--you are holding proof of that. In The Least Imperfect Path, John Ivanko takes the reader on a journey that provides insights which might otherwise remain undiscovered.
- Anita Roddick, Founder and CEO of The Body Shop

The Least Imperfect Path is a voyage that will bring you face to face with the world as it is, unmediated by the mythmakers of CNN, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and IBM. It will startle you and enlighten you. It did me. If you care about the future of the world, you need this book.
- Daniel Quinn, Author of Ishmael
The Least Imperfect Path, in the guise of a "travelogue," is, in fact, a beacon lighting the way to a more committed, more compassionate and more reverent stewardship of our Earth. In his invitation to serve the community of life, Ivanko offers not only his generation, but all of us, hope for a better future.
- Barbara Siebert, Director,
Center for Sustainability at Penn State

The Least Imperfect Path is a fascinating mix of adventure and observation that challenges us to consider how we are implicated in global environmental issues without disabling the reader with seemingly insurmountable problems. By example, the author's journey brings such a trip within the scope of the reader's imagination and inspires one to make the same critical discoveries closer to home.
- Randy E. Newcomer, Environmental Educator,
Pennsylvania Alliance for Environmental Education

Ivanko's approach to restoring our precious planet found empathy among my students, as his writing has become part of our course reader alongside such authors as Berry, Illich, and Rifkin. His work opens up and refreshes a sustainable vision for many who are searching to care.
- Dr. Richard Deitrich, Science, Technology & Society, The Pennsylvania State University

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