What do we mean by "sustainable living" at Inn Serendipity?

Many definitions of "sustainability" exist today. In our case, we've settled on a definition that emphasizes a more self-reliant local community while recognizing the responsibility we have as global citizens. Sustainability is an ideal, a moving target, something we're always working toward. Sustainable living balances economic, ecological and social needs of all life with that of our own while enhancing those possibilities for future generations. Valuing diversity, creativity, and passion, sustainable living is not about growth of property, wealth, or stuff. Rather, it's about creating livable communities and fostering greater social and economic equity while preserving, if not also restoring, the ecosystems on which we depend for our very survival.

Our goals as individuals, global citizens and business owners are to plant more trees than we've used, help cultivate a bioregional and sustainable food system that is more secure for us and our community, completely offset our carbon dioxide emissions caused by our energy use (the largest contributor to global warming), live a fossil-fuel-free life, and feed the flames of our imagination. We have our lifetime to do it. While there are limits to growth (this planet can only sustain so many people), there's no limit to development of a better way of living, one filled with creativity, adventure, security, nature and meaning.

Sustainable living permeates our everyday life in everyday ways, just like clean air, untainted water and healthy food necessary for heathful living belongs to everyone and to no one.

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