Opening a window onto the world for
young readers and their care-givers.

In these times of change, global awareness based on understanding, respecting and celebrating diversity is essential to successfully sharing our common home, Earth. Since 1996, the Global Fund for Children (GFC) has created books and resource guides for young readers that help expand their appreciation of the multicultural world in which they live; sales of these books support the grant-making work of the Global Fund for Children.

From the very start, John D. Ivanko has been a contributor to the portfolio of award-winning books published by Charlesbridge in partnership with GFC. John contributed photography to Children from Australia to Zimbabwe before co-authoring the highly acclaimed To Be a Kid which was followed by five additional books, plus several in Spanish editions.

Below is more information about each of the books.

To Be A Kid
Ser Niño
Be My Neighbor
Ser Vecinos
To Be An Artist
Animal Friends
Back To School
Come Out and Play
Children From Australia to Zimbabwe
Extraordinary Girls